LogoThe Harrow & District Women's Bowling Association was founded in 1950 for lady bowlers. Our first matches were against the West Harrow and Woodcock Park men's vets.


We play matches against other associations from all parts of England, Swindon & District, Southampton & District and St. Albans & District to name but a few.  When we play away we go by coach and a good time is had by all.  We always have a nice meal after the game and we have made some great friends.  We welcome everyone who is a member of an affiliated club, new bowlers and more experienced bowlers.  As all our matches, against other associations, are friendly matches, it is always good fun, even if you are inexperienced.


We have one indoor game against the Harrow & District Bowling Association at Herga indoor bowls club.


There are competitions and a league during the summer and special fun days where everyone is welcome.


Please checkout our website for further information about the Harrow and District Womens Bowling Association and for details on fixtures and competitions.